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Community Members

If you’re not an owner or renter of a Condominium in Aspen Village, you can enjoy the benefits of a full Club Membership by joining as a Community Member. Contact the Club to schedule a tour of our programs and facilities. For more information call us  (208) 634-5838.

Aspen Village Condominiums

Anyone who owns or rents a condominium in Aspen Village has complete membership privileges to The Club. These privileges are extended to their families, friends and guests. All are welcome but the Owner or Renter of the Condominium must be present. Please complete the attached Registration Form which guarantees your access to The Club.

Are you staying in a Condominium at Aspen Village while you’re in McCall? If so you have complete membership privileges to The Club. These benefits, however, are limited only to those who are residing in the Condominium with you. You may bring friends and relatives that are not staying with you but they will need to pay a Guest Fee.

Attention vacationers! Please read our Club Rules prior to coming to The Club.